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Scheduled Tours…

The Rock'n'Roll London Walk with London Walks® takes place on Fridays at 2pm meet at Tottenham Court Road tube (exit 1). It costs £10 or £8 for students, seniors, unemployed or NHS staff – pay on the day or book online.

Fridays 2pm – Rock'n'Roll London
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From April to October the Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk with LIVE Music from your guide takes place every Wednesday night at 7pm meet at Tottenham Court Road tube (exit 1) - £10 or £8 for students, seniors, unemployed or NHS staff – pay on the day or book online. (This tour is NOT suitable for children)

On sunny evenings the Rock'n'Roll Pub walk takes the live music al fresco
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Beatlemania! The Beatles In London 1961 - 1965

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

From the freezing blue winter of ’61/’62 to the Day-Glo threshold of the summer of love via the White Hot Heat of political, social and artistic upheaval. We’ll find The Beatles IN the 60s… as well as The Beatles AND the 60s

The Places… Piccadilly Circus for the glamorous premiere of A Hard Day’s Night. The theatre where Beatlemania was born. The club where George & John to their first acid trip. The old HMV shop where a Brian Epstein chance encounter change the path of pop culture

The Period… The BBC and the pop music “ban”. The fall of a government under the weight of a sex scandal. The shock of modern architecture. The fashion.

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. Ideal for hardcore Beatles fans and beginners alike.

“Adam is a great storyteller and really loves music!”

Amanda B, Tripadvisor

Beatles & Stones In 1960s London

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Who's best?

The biggest names in Rock’n’Roll. Made right here in London. Rivals? Enemies? Friends or foes?

Our walk visits their places, unravels the myths, looks at the music and asks, once and for all… who’s BEST? Beatles or Stones?

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. Ideal for hardcore Beatles & Stones fans and beginners alike.

“Really knowledgable… and what a sense of humour.”

althansteve, Tripadvisor

Beatles & Dylan In 1960s London

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

A walking tour in search of the two most influential, most important acts of the decade.

Where they led, everyone followed.

We’re following, too - in their footsteps to find...

• The hotel where Dylan held court
• The theatre where Lennon played his first major non-Beatles gig in the UK
• The pubs & coffee bars of Dylan’s first visit in ‘62

And we’ll take a look at how London has changed from the post-war period of the Pop Culture explosion to the 21st Century

Our tour covers the hopeful winter of 1962-63, the optimism of success in 1964, thence in to the uncharted territory of ’65-’66 and the birth of Pop Culture

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. Ideal for hardcore Beatles & Dylan fans and beginners alike.


NewYorkWendy, Tripadvisor

Pink Floyd In 1960s London

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

Architecture students Roger Waters, Nick Mason & Richard Wright met at Regent Street Polytechnic in 1963. They founded R&B combo Sigma 6 (later the Screaming Abdabs and then The Tea Set) and were joined in '64 by charismatic painter & songwriter Syd Barrett.

Syd melded the blues singers FLOYD council & PINK Anderson for the band's new name and brought an oh-so English take to their psychedelic sound.

The troubled Barrett has become a cult figure despite leaving the band in '68. His drug use and reclusive final years are the stuff of rock'n'roll legend.

David Gilmour (an old Cambridge friend of both barrett & waters) replaced Syd, and, with Waters as principal writer, they went on to sell millions of records over a period of 15 years of groundbreaking rock music followed by 20 years of very public artistic differences.

Five decades on, Floyd records still sell, new Sydologists join the cult every year and the debate rages on: Waters or Gilmour: which side are you on?

Have a cigar, you're gonna go far... This is Pink Floyd's London.

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. 

“One of the best tours ever.”

Stuart Sheach, Facebook

Women In Music - Divas, Rebels & Junkies 1722-2020

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

The track listing for this two-hour Musical Walking Tour in Three Acts features… the warring sopranos Francesca Cozzoni and Faustina Bordoni who drove Handel to distraction as they conquered London… the theatrical visionary and outsider Joan Littlewood who revolutionised British musical theatre… the folk purist Peggy Seeger who laughed Lonnie Donegan offstage… little Lillie Klot, the East End rag trade girl who, as Georgia Brown became this country’s finest interpreter of Kurt Weill and the original Nancy in Oliver!… the Harlem girl who was told she was too ugly to be a star and whose life was plagued with self-doubt - Ella Fitzgerald… Marianne Faithfull the convent girl of supposed aristocratic blood who topped the charts then hit rock bottom on the streets of Soho strung out on heroin, only to come back as one of the few true mavericks the British music scene ever produced… alongside Siouxsie SiouxMarie LloydDusty SpringfieldJessie Matthews and more.

The tour will end at The Palladium Theatre – we go out at the top – with Judy Garland topping the bill.

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. 

“Incredibly entertaining tour guide Adam.”

Gayle W, Tripadvisor

Musical Covent Garden

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

Musical Variations On the Theme Of Covent Garden…

From the Opera House to the theatre where Bob Marley became a legend; via the oldest recording studio in Britain (1898) to the hotel where Bob Dylan held court in ’65; from Rule Britannia to On the Street Where You Live – this London Music Tour covers the musical waterfront from Arne to Zappa.

We’ll see… The Savoy Hotel, the Savoy Theatre, the Gramophone Company’s recording studios 1898-1931, the Royal Opera House, St Paul’s Church as featured in My Fair Lady, The Lyceum Theatre and the Middle Earth Club where Pink Floyd played.

From John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera to Bob Marley’s Exodus, there will be cameo appearances from Noel CowardAlan Jay LernerGilbert & SullivanCharlie ChaplinThe SmithsU2 and – in the best tradition of greatest hits collections – many, many more.

“Our guide Adam was lively, fun, knowledgable… fantastic!”

lori1019, Tripadvisor

Kinks - A Walking Tour

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

We are the Fortis Green Preservation Society!

How three Muswell Hillbilly Boys (and a would-be Stone who passed over the river from down Richmond way) became Well Respected Men.

A guided tour in search of The Kinks in their glory days.

Ready, Steady, Go…

5 years that changed the face of pop & rock 1964-69
4 of the unlikeliest pop stars of all-time
3 number one hits
2 warring brothers
1 unique story

Places… We’ll look at how this location – N2 & N10, North London – is woven into the fabric of their work.

Events… We’ll find out how WWII and its aftermath impacted on the golden generation of British pop and rock.

People… How and where Ray & Dave Davies changed the face of popular music and became the most notorious feuding brothers in rock’n’roll.
It's a walking tour… venues, homes, schools, dance halls, parks, cinemas, pubs where they played and composed and the stories behind Waterloo SunsetAutumn AlmanacYou Really Got MeCome DancingMuswell Hillbillies and others.

It's a critical study… we’ll discuss their greatest hits and more - from their initial inspirations to their contemporary 60s influences right up to their 21st century legacy.

If you are joining the tour please feel free to chip in - bring any Kinks memorabilia that you would like to show, share your favourite “I once saw Mick Avory in…” stories and your favourite Kinks songs.

“Exceptional… superb guide.”

J Boy, Tripadvisor

Musical Kensington

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

Musical Variations On the Theme Of Kensington…

South Kensington as we know it today was built on culture in the aftermath of the Great Exhibition if 1851. 

And music is woven into the fabric of the place - not least in the Royal Albert Hall, one of the world’s most famous concert halls. The Royal College of Music evolved out of the same era. This tour covers the 19th century and adds in Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, the Cromwellian Club of the 1960s, Freddie Mercury and Queen as well as Hubert Parry, Lloyd Webber, the wondrously ornate College of Organists and more.

“Don't miss!”

Gayle W, Tripadvisor

Musical Marylebone

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

Musical Variations On the Theme Of Marylebone…

Marylebone is one of our most fascinating musical neighbourhoods. It's ALL here - classical, folk, rock and pop, baroque, music hall. Much of Marylebone's musical heritage is right there in plain sight - others stuff not so much. You just have to know where to find the clues.

We'll find Judy Garland, composer and critic Constant Lambert and Jimi Hendrix. We'll visit the BBC to look at its role in the promotion of music in the recording age. We'll rebuild long-forgotten music halls and uncover the notorious Pleasure Garden. We'll see where Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday and where Henry Wood's legendary Prom concerts were born. 

“Knowledgable, humorous and all-round entertaining."

kevino437, Tripadvisor

New London Music Tours coming later in 2020/21…

Bart! The Wild Life Of Lionel Bart In The West End

Musical Holborn to The River

Handel & Mozart in London

Musical Chelsea


Last Christmas – The Singing & Christmas Lights Tour Of The Locations Featured in the Movie Last Christmas - bookable NOW!

If you don't see the tour you were looking for get in touch…

… and we can look into the possibility of a bespoke London Music Tour. (If the subject falls outwith my usual remit I'm sure I'll have a colleague who can lead the tour for you.)


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