NEW TOUR! Beatlemania!

Beatlemania! The Beatles In London 1961 - 1965

Scheduled tours on selected days – private tours also available

From the freezing blue winter of ’61/’62 to the Day-Glo threshold of the summer of love via the White Hot Heat of political, social and artistic upheaval. We’ll find The Beatles IN the 60s… as well as The Beatles AND the 60s

The Places… Piccadilly Circus for the glamorous premiere of A Hard Day’s Night. The theatre where Beatlemania was born. The club where George & John to their first acid trip. The old HMV shop where a Brian Epstein chance encounter change the path of pop culture

The Period… The BBC and the pop music “ban”. The fall of a government under the weight of a sex scandal. The shock of modern architecture. The fashion.

Guaranteed small group – maximum 12 people. Ideal for hardcore Beatles fans and beginners alike.

“Adam is a great storyteller and really loves music!”

Amanda B, Tripadvisor


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