The Musical Traveller No.3. The Collector, Brussels

Over the course of this summer I’ll be sharing a few tips for the music fan on holiday.

Famous places, record shops, museums and tours to look out for on your travels…

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No.3. The Collector, Brussels

Brussels. I know of no other European city with so many record stores. Certainly no other city that lies within just a couple of hours of London can boast so many, and so many varied places to buy records.

On a recent visit there I topped up my collection – my great guilty pleasure - of 1960's European EP's.

My very fave of all the Brussels record shops is The Collector.

The Collector Record Gallery
Rue de la Bourse 26, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

The stock is particularly strong on 60s classics, but I think it's the decor that won my heart. 

The stacked crates and walls plastered with posters and sleeves create a real Aladdin's cave vibe. It's always my first port of call in Brussels. 

I love their attitude, too. They don't take plastic payment (at least not when I last visited). Their website is utilitarian at best. It's old school in all the best ways. If you love records, you'll love The Collector. 

Open the door and take a deep breath. I love the smell of vinyl in the morning. Smells of victory.

(They also carry those ghastly new-fangled "compact discs" but I don't hold that against them. Come and have a fight with me about CD's on one of my tours – I'll look forward to your company!)

Here's how to find The Collector…

I Hope you're enjoying my Musical Traveller series. 

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