Leonard Cohen In London

Terrific reading (as usual) in this month's Uncut magazine – the cover story is on Leonard Cohen and the stories behind his most famous albums…

I'm in a real Leonard Cohen frame of mind at the moment, having just re-read Sylvie Simmons' epic biography I'm Your Man

Inspired by both Uncut and Simmons, I've put together a five location map of Leonard Cohen's London. It's based on his first trip here, way back in 1959, when he lodged in Hampstead, at 19b Hampstead High Street…

60 Years On – 19b Hampstead High Street in 2019

From this base he explored Soho and the East End and worked on his first novel.

Click through the map to find short descriptions of the locations, pictures, links to music and to Sylvie Simmons website - her book is the basis for the map.

You can buy I'm Your Man here: http://sylviesimmons.com/books/

(Be sure to check out her excellent work on Serge Gainsbourg and Johnny Cash while you are there.)

Here's the map…

And here are the 7 Leonard Cohen songs that I absolutely could not live without…

What's your favourite Leonard Cohen song?



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