Places To Eat After The Tour

So you joined either me on the London Music Tour and now you're a little bit peckish. All those tales of sex and drugs and Rock'n'Roll can certainly work up an appetite.

So where to eat?

There are two schools of thought here: if you are travelling, you may want to immerse yourself as deeply as poss in the local culture. In which case a spot of pub grub is the thing for you. Chances are we've already pointed out The Ship pub on Wardour Street as part of the narrative of our tour.

In common with most pubs these days, The Ship does food - fish and chips a speciality. Find The Ship at 116 Wardour Street.

On the other hand, travel may have taken its toll: you might be on the last leg of a long trip and culture fatigue has set-in; your shoe might be letting in rain; you might just want something familiar. In which case, help is also at hand. Two big U.S chains are now pretty well-established names in the UK - Chipotle and Five Guys.

Chipotle simply does the best burritos in town. We were starved for decent TexMex in this country for years, but now the field is as tightly packed as Spinal Tap's pants. Here's Tap…

And if that didn't put you off your dinner, here's Chipotle…

For a straight forward burger Five Guys takes some beating. Their no-nonsense approach contrives somehow to be a piece of theatre in itself. 

Five Guys is at the junction with Longacre and St Martin's Lane…

By the way, the pub down the road from Five Guys, The Salisbury, is where Marianne Faithfull shot the sleeve for her Come My Way album in 1965…

If you want something a little more in keeping with the theme of the tour, then how about Steak & Eggs - the last meal of Keith Moon (careful now, kids).

In bad taste? Come along now, you didn't join the Rock'n'Roll London tour to hear tales of refinement and subtlety now, did you?

Besides, it's what Moon would have wanted.

Balans Soho Society at 34 Old Compton Street, just a short distance from the end of the Rock'n'Roll London walk will knock you up the finest steak and eggs in Soho.

(To clarify: no rock drummers died at Balans Soho Society!)

Steak and eggs is essentially a breakfast menu item but if you ask them really nicely they will rustle it up for you at any time of day – great service, great steak, great location.

On my visit, the couple at the neighbouring table raved about the mojitos - sad to relate, gentle reader, that as I was leading the Rock'n'Roll London tour that night, I was unable to sample the cocktails, but I will certainly be back another day.

The London Music Tour meets every Friday at 2pm Tottenham Court Road Station.


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