Be Nice To The Grumpy Old Fart This Father's Day

When picking a gift for your old pa', do take great care to keep in mind what the Grumpy Old Fart DOESN'T want to be unwrapping on the one day of the year dedicated solely to him…


• He doesn’t want a dodgy compilation album from the charity shop (see pic above)

• He doesn't  want a compilation CD from the checkout at the supermarket – Jeremy Clarkson’s 40 Favourite Death Metal Anthems, or some such. This is the equivalent of buying a hasty bunch of petrol station flowers for Mothers' Day. Don’t do it.

• He doesn’t want a badly made and unofficial Led Zep t-shirt that will shrink after the first wash and show off his moobs.

• He doesn't want a copy of "An Insider's Story of The Beatles" by a man whose only connection with The Fabs is that he once fixed the big end on John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls Royce.


• He wants a 1956 Fender Telecaster. But he can't have one because they cost THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF POUNDS.

So why not book him a Rock'n'Roll London Walk?

Pick a date and get in touch to arrange the booking…

A TWO HOUR private Rock'n'Roll London Walking tour costs £160 for up to 22 people – bring family and friends and spread the cost (NB. Don't make The Grumpy Old Fart pay: he pays on the other 364 days of the year, this is his day off.)

We also offer ONE HOUR tours at £75. Tour suggestions here or get in touch with your own ideas for a bespoke tour.

Alternatively you can bring him along to any of the public walks, which take place every Friday at 2:00pm and every Wednesday at 7:00pm. £10 per person, £8 for seniors. Pick a date and book here…

You could even just send him along on his own. That way The Grumpy Old Fart gets two hours of peace and quiet to talk Rock'n'Roll with his guide and fellow Rock'n'Roll Walkers – and you get a break from The Grumpy Old Fart who will return home feeling slightly less grumpy for as long as half-an-hour. It's win-win.


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